Democracywatch undertook a project on Journalist Reporting Training on Transparency for Human Rights in Bangladesh with Relief International recently. This project is funded by the European Union. The objective of the project is to enhance the culture of human rights at the grassroots and government levels in Bangladesh and to engage the media to act as an ally of victims of rights violations. Another objective is to strengthen the capacity of the media and civil society as active advocates for human rights in 20 districts in Bangladesh. The project started in June, 2010 and will continue up to December, 2011.

Summary of the project

Total duration of the action 24 months
Partner(s)   Name: Relief International
Funded by   The European Union
Target group(s)   Media professionals and opinion makers, educators and youth, local government and civil society representatives in 20 districts across Bangladesh.
Final Beneficiaries   Direct Beneficiaries: 1800 journalism professionals, 2500 community and religious leaders, educators and youth, 1000 representatives of educational institutions, civil society and local government.
Indirect Beneficiaries: the general population of the 20 target districts.
Estimated results   1. Strengthened capacity of the Bangladeshi media as a promoter of human rights through the establishment and capacity building of a national network for journalists. This network will be design to recognize and report on human rights violations, to advocate for freedom of expression and human rights, and to provide media professionals with a forum to discuss and explore creative solutions against infringements of freedom of expression and opinion.
2. Raised awareness of human rights violations among civil society entities and the public at large through a constructive dialogue about the promotion of human rights.
Main activities   1.1 Curriculum on the Media and Human Rights
1.2 Professional Development Workshops on the media and Human Rights
1.3 Establishment of National Network for Concerned Journalists (NNCJ)
1.4 Capacity building of NNCJ
1.5 Peer training on Reporting pertaining to Human Rights
1.6 Rural linkage initiative
1.1 Transparency for Human Rights Virtual Committee
1.2 Media Monitoring
1.3 Development and dissemination of media materials
1.4 Radio talk show
1.5 Respect human rights regional roundtables