Electronic Mediawatch Report of Democracywatch during November,  2002 


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Democracywatch is continuing these research and find that there is a great need to work towards combating human rights violation especially against women and children. We need cooperation in this area and funding.

Democracywatch- a non-government organization took the initiative of monitoring the electronic media regularly known as Mediawatch. The Mediawatch cell has prepared a monthly electronic mediawatch report covering the period from November 1 - 30, 2002.

Bangladesh Television BTV -state owned television gave maximum priority (30.285%) of total news time to the state news and ruling party got 29.26% where Opposition parties received a mere 0.73%. Prime Minister Khaleda Zia alone received 8.13% while opposition leader Sheikh Hasina received only 0.30%. The ratio of coverage of the government to the opposition parties was 98:2. BTV gave coverage regarding human rights issues only 1.08% of their total news time.

On Channel i country news received maximum coverage 44.16% of the news time in its news aired at 7:15 pm. The ruling party received 12.54% and the opposition received 3.65%. The news of prime minister received 5.99% time while the opposition leader received 1.51%. The ratio of giving coverage to the government and opposition parties’ was 77:23. Channel i gave coverage regarding human rights issues  1.95% of total news time.

Another private channel ATN Bangla gave ruling and opposition parties 79% and 21% coverage respectively in its news bulletin, which aired at 7:00 pm regularly. ATN gave coverage regarding human rights issues 2.41% of total news time.

Bangladesh Betar   gave maximum priority (29.74%) to the government party while opposition parties received only 0.30% of total news time  in its 8:30 pm news. Prime Minister Khaleda Zia alone received 7.20%. Betar gave coverage regarding human rights issues 1.19% of total news time.


The graph represents the coverage of ruling and opposition party for the month of November 2002