Electronic Mediawatch Report of Democracywatch during the year 2002 



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Democracywatch is continuing these research and find that there is a great need to work towards combating human rights violation especially against women and children. We need cooperation in this area and funding.

The ratio of the news coverage of the ruling party and the opposition by state-run Bangladesh Television (BTV) last year was 99:1. Only 1.07 percent BTV news relates to human rights out of its total coverage in this regard, according to Democracy Watch.

According to the Media Watch Report of 2002, BTV news bulletin of 8 p.m. covered the news of Prime Minister and her government with highest emphasis in last year. It amounts to 42.4 percent of the total broadcast in the last year. However, news item on the Prime Minister and her government decreased at five percent in the last six months of 2002.

Media Watch further discloses that the Prime Minister alone had 25.2 percent coverage regarding political news. On the other hand the Opposition had only 0.5 percent coverage in the government electronic media. The Opposition leader Sheikh Hasina consumes 0.3 percent out of the total 0.5 percent BTV coverage.

The private TV Channel-I was top in broadcasting human rights related news, which included 36.6 percent of total news items of the channel. Advertisements consume 11.6 percent of the news bulletin time.

After the human rights related news, the government news was in the second place in the Channel-I. News items on Government were 18.2 percent while news items on the Opposition were only 4.3 percent. The Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader respectively enjoy 5.6 percent and 1.9 percent coverage in the Channel-I. In 2001, the coverage's of Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina on Channel I were 2.9 and 8.4 percent respectively.

The ratio of the Government and Opposition news in ATN Bangla was 83:17. Human Rights news was 4 percent of the total news items telecast in ATN Bangla.