Democracywatch Activities

Democracywatch has been providing Training -Programs for the youth since 1995. To help them to better adapt to the meet the challenges of the competitive world. The age level is between 18 to 35 years.This includes training / courses in:

  • English languages courses conducted for students in the morning & afternoon, as well working people in the evening.
  • Computer courses conducted for students as well as for working people.
  • Secretarial courses to help the youth for employment
  • Entertainment programme for Street Children are conducted at the Democracywatch premises every Saturday.
  • Management courses focusing on office management are conducted by Democracywatch
  • Leadership courses are conducted to help create future leaders among the youth
  • Ideas on democracy as such are given out to grow awareness among the youth.
  • Sex education is given to educate the youth and grow awareness among them about safe sex etc.
  • It is arranged at Democracywatch that the youth get to learn how to appreciate and enjoy music.
    Democracywatch has an active club called "Democracywatchers", who are involved in all kinds of socio - political activities. We reach out to the grass root level as well through our
    Offices at different district levels. So far the youth have shown interest and received support in coping with their day to day problems. This is a fund raising program designed and implemented by Democracywatch
  • Primary Stake Holders: Age 10 - 35 yrs

    Sponsor: Own

    Amount: Year 2004 - 2005 (April 04 to March5} turnover BDT 3.4 million

    Besides these Democracywatch conducts Nation Wide Awareness Campaign, through different activities like debate workshop, Team building Exercises, Cultural programmes etc to spread the message of Active Citizen of Banglades