Promoting Governance, Accountability, Transparency and Integrity Project (PROGATI)


Achievements: 2008-2009
icon1 Nationwide citizen watchdog formed to monitor government services
Connections and network has been strengthened between and among civil society organizations, leaders and mass at all levels to design and guide anticorruption reform process. As a part of the mission, day-long divisional consultation meetings were carried out in five divisions and a national consultation in Dhaka from July 2008 to January 2009 with the members of the civil society from the cross-section of society. The consultation meetings followed by training and campaign through forming local citizen committee to oversee the government services. Thus PROGATI plays a crucial role in forming the nationwide citizen watchdog

icon2 Better oriented CBOs to promote transparency and accountability
A number of specialized civil society organization watchdog expertise have been developed through trainings in 2009 who would be able to monitor and analyze transparency and accountability at local level. With an objective to strengthen civil society organizations, coalitions and networks to support and promote anti-corruption reforms, during June-October 2009 Democracywatch has successfully conducted training on two issues:

arrow1 Citizen Monitoring of Public Services
arrow2 Monitoring and analysis of transparency, accountability and corruption in public expenditure;
arrow3 Publicity of transparency, accountability and corruption in public expenditure
arrow4 Role of Citizen in National Budget Development
arrow5 Budget development and decision making;
arrow6 Budget implementation as service delivery

All training was of an estimated duration of 30 hours of instruction. A total of 121 persons representing approximately 42 CSOs had participated in Citizen Monitoring of Public Services training. Again, 224 persons from approximately 75 CSOs had participated in National Budget Development training.

icon3 Awareness campaigns where corruption becomes a hard task.
During April-November 2009, in close collaboration with local CSOs, Democracywatch helped in developing plan, manage and implement successfully campaigns on three thematic issues. These are:

Anticorruption Awareness
Citizen Monitoring of Public Expenditure
Oversight of National Budget Development

A total of 64 campaigns had been conducted in 16 areas of Feni, Khagrachari, Chittagong and Cox's Bazar districts under Chittagong division. The campaigns were a blend of rally, discussion sessions, cultural shows including street-drama on anticorruption theme, signature campaigns etc.

icon4 Well developed knowledge base, anticorruption strategy and way forward.
Democracywatch had maintained close association all along in developing training manuals and materials developed by other PROGATI CS partners on three thematic issues: anticorruption awareness; citizen monitoring of public services; and national budget development.